Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oceanic Blue

My computer =Overclocked for some reason. but yeah it always asks for a bloody formating as usual...neway the day didnt begin so well. the paradox of the situation sometimes amazes me. sorry for such not connecting sentences and stuff. i am a trueblue,a big chelsea fan...

the day was full of boredom.the morning was as usual cold and misty.And sitting at home only makes me study and nothg else...thgh studies have not been so well.the lousy morning continued into a lousy afternoon with not so amusing5 hour coaching class which made me think of fluids and pathetic gravitational force. gives me the reason why i am always at the bottom. Moving on my much awaited night kick off btw chelsea and west ham which ended in a bitter draw and ofc chelsea failed to capitalize to seize the first spot.
hating scolari for his stupid first team lineup.
With CORE 08 done and so successful, i think 09 gonna be real big let's hope so.
i missed the TCS and i dont think so i'll be going for ACCESS..but i know my lousy frnd Ravi's gonna force me to compete...his usual tendency to convince pple to do things blah blah...anyway it was jus another day in my dictionary..i hope to continue my blog....